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"Anyone can cook, and most everyone should. It's a sorry sign that many people consider cooking 'from scratch' an unusual and even rare talent.
In fact, it is a simple and rewarding craft, one that anyone can learn and even succeed at from the get-go."
-Bittman, HTCE

Monday, February 1, 2010

Table: 18 Variations of Vinaigrette

This is a great table for making your own salad dressings. When we buy salad dressing in the store it comes with so many extras including a ton of sugar and even MSG. With just a few ingredients you can make whatever vinaigrette you had your heart set on, without going to the store.

Off of this table I have made the Soy Vinaigrette many, many times. It is great on top of broccoli slaw with nuts and mandarin oranges. When I have it on hand I add the Pampered Chef Asian Seasoning to this vinaigrette for an extra kick.

HTCE p. 201

HTCEV p.763

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